Things to Know before Dating a Woman from a Small Town or a Village

Dating in the metropolises and dating in small towns and villages are entirely different concepts. The dynamics are different, the rules are different, and there are several things to keep in mind before you even consider dating a woman from a small town. Most people who live in villages and small town are not exposed to the big world. They do not have opportunities galore at their disposal and, therefore, might not be aware of the super-fast dating life of the cities. Now, getting into the details of dating women from small towns, here are a few points that you must keep in mind before moving forward with the idea.

Do Not Showcase Your Superiority Only because You Hail from the City:

There is nothing to brag about the fact that you come from a city and your date does not. It is not a badge of honor that you might want to show off. You might have better opportunities and several options at the city, but that does not make you a superior breed of a human being. Therefore, your first tip would be to get down from your high horses and burst the bubble of the delusion of grandeur. Treat your date as equal because that is how you must behave with every other human being.


Try to Indulge in Conversations that Both Have Interest In:

As we mentioned in the point before this, you might have more opportunities in the city. And therefore, the woman you are dating from the village might not be aware of those things. Try to focus on the similarities instead of the differences. You must find similar grounds on which you can talk about and bond over. Dating is not about trying to prove yourself as an intellectually superior being, but to find shared interests. It is about trying to weigh out the similarities and differences and making a call.

Show Interest in Learning about the Life and Culture of the Village:

It is essential that you show interest in learning about the culture and lifestyle of the village that the woman hails from. Cities might have a charm of their own, but villages have a lot of peace, culture and tranquillity to offer too. You need to show a bit of interest in learning about her culture too as much as you want her to understand yours. That is how both of you can indulge in cultural exchange and strengthen the relationship.



These are some of the most important things to keep in mind before you consider dating a woman from a small town or a village. Finally, learn to concentrate on the shared interest and similarities, and you shall find that there is a lot to look forward to in the relationship.

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