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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Thinking about “Saying Yes to the Dress”? Here are some tips every bride should know before going wedding dress shopping.

Buying a wedding dress can result in all sorts of emotion because for a lot of brides this is the moment where the “I am getting married” really sinks in. It’s important to be somewhat prepared for what will happen the first time you go wedding dress shopping.

First, set a budget. It’s important to know how much you can and are willing to spend on your wedding dress. If you do not give your wedding dress consultant a budget, you could end up trying on the wedding dress of your dreams that you can’t afford. Try to avoid trying on wedding dresses that are out of your budget to avoid falling in love with a wedding dress you can’t have.

Second, be prepared to answer the preliminary questions before your wedding consultant pulls wedding dresses for you to try on. Try browsing online for wedding dress styles that catch your attention. If you pick four wedding dresses that all have the same fabric or style or neckline, most likely those are the types of wedding dresses you should ask your consultant to try on. Village Bridals recommends that you keep an open mind and try on everything just so you always know that your dress was EXACTLY what you wanted. The last thing you want is to be sad on your wedding dress because you never tried a mermaid wedding dress on and you may have really liked it.

Third, prep the girls and your bag. It is entirely up to you who you want to take with you when you go wedding dress shopping, but most brides bring their moms, aunts, best friends, bridesmaids, etc. Make sure you bring someone who is honest and is not afraid to tell you if you don’t look flattering in something.