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Consider Your Wedding Dress When Choosing Your Wedding Hair Style

It’s important to choose a wedding hairstyle that compliments your dress and doesn’t take away from its beauty. Everything about your wedding ensemble revolves around your wedding dress; your wedding hair, bridal accessories, bouquet, everything.

So rule #1 when choosing your wedding hairstyle, don’t take away from your wedding dress. Your wedding dress cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, it’s important that all of your guest can see its beauty. If your wedding dress has elaborate stitching and Swarovski crystals on the back, don’t choose a wedding hairstyle that will cover it. Choose a wedding hairstyle that is beautiful, but will not hide the beauty of your wedding dress, it should complement it! Also, if you have a very busy dress, don’t choose a crazy hairstyle – this will take away from you and your dress. Choose a hairstyle that is simpler if you have a complex wedding gown, and choose a more wedding hairstyle with more volume if you have a simple dress.

Rule 2, be flexible and realistic. There are natural limitations to what your hair and wedding hairdresser can do. If you have extremely curly hair, don’t convince yourself that you can have a sleek, skinny hair style. Choose something that compliments your hair and will create a memorable look that adds to your beauty.

Rule 3, keep the veil in mind. If you are planning on wearing a veil the day of your wedding tell your hair dresser. This will help them choose a style that can accommodate your wedding veil and all the other rules for choosing your wedding hair style. If possible, bring your wedding veil into your wedding hairstyle trial so you can see exactly what everything would look like all together.